Charlie Wharton

Charlie came to St. Mary’s County in October, 2016. Charlie grew up in a preacher’s family spending most of his early years in Florida, Texas, New Mexico and Georgia. Charlie began working with the church as a part-time minister while attending Abilene Christian University and since that time has served as a minister in Kansas, Colorado and South Dakota. In the mid-1990s Charlie served as the volunteer Police Chaplain in Pierre, South Dakota. By the late 1990s he went to work full-time in Law Enforcement. For the next fifteen years Charlie worked in Law Enforcement in South Dakota and Wyoming, but he continued working closely with the church serving as an Elder for the church in Pierre, South Dakota.

In addition to his teaching and ministering with the church, Charlie has conducted training on leadership, communication and crisis management. Being a part of intervention teams working with First Responders, he trained other peers in Critical Incident Stress Management. Charlie responded with a team to work with the New York City Police Department following the 9/11 attacks. Through the years he has provided assistance to those impacted by traumatic accidents, homicides, suicides, natural disasters and line of duty deaths.

Charlie and Jeane have been married since 1981 and have two children: a married daughter (mother of their grandchildren), who lives in Virginia, and a son, who lives in Missouri.