What To Expect

Whenever we are exposed to a new experience, there is a chance for some anxiety. In an effort to ease some of that concern, we would like to let you know a little bit about what to expect during our Worship Assembly. While we can never capture the spirit of our worship in words, we hope that this brief introduction will help you understand and feel more comfortable when you join us in person.

Praise and Worship In Song

We use the non-instrumental (a cappella) style of music in our worship. Everyone is invited to participate in singing.

Prayer and Visitor Cards

You’ll find a visitor card in a pocket in the seat front of you. We appreciate it when any of our visitors fill out and share with us any special prayer requests, needs or questions that you might have. Please place the card in the collection plate when it is passed or hand it to one of the Greeters who welcomed you.


We believe adamantly in the value of prayer so we will have several prayers interspersed throughout our time of worship. Each prayer is offered individually on behalf of the congregation. We do not use congregational recitation of prayers, statements of faith or responsive readings.


We celebrate communion (also called The Lord’s Supper) every Sunday. Communion is a time when we remember Christ’s life and sacrificial death for our sins. All believers are invited to join us. First the bread will be passed. Take a portion and as you eat, remember Christ’s life and sacrifice. Next, the tray with small cups of grape juice will be distributed. Take a cup and drink the juice, remembering the blood that Jesus shed to atone for our sins. Replace the empty cup in the tray and then pass the tray to person next to you or one of the servers.


As our guest, you should not feel obligated to give an offering, but we do take up a collection each week. The funds collected allow us to participate in God’s work locally and worldwide.


Our minister will deliver a lesson from the Bible that is designed to help us to understand God’s Word and apply His teachings to our everyday life.

Children's Bible Time

On most Sunday mornings we offer an age-appropriate class for children from three years old through the Third Grade during the sermon. Prior to the minister beginning his lesson, our adult volunteers will escort the children to a room where they will have another opportunity to learn a lesson from the Bible. If you would like more information about Children’s Bible Time, please ask one of the Greeters.